Parla inglese?

I’m boning up on my Italian…this is about the extent of it.  How did I do?

This week is going to be a jumble of preparations for our trip to Italy.  The list keeps growing.  I can’t believe how much there is to do in order to get a family of four ready for 12 days in Tuscany.  Surprisingly, I feel fairly calm about the whole situation (thank you, acupuncture) and rather motivated to get it all done.  Hopefully that feeling will last the whole week.

I’ll spare my readers my to-do list, which seems to have grown into a two page checklist now.  But I did mention some personal goals in my Toning for Tuscany post, and it seems only fair to update you.

It wasn’t a complete failure (because we shouldn’t view anything as a complete failure) but it didn’t go as planned either.

I hoped to cut down on beer and soda, work on my portion control, and get back into running.  I have been cutting back on beer and soda, though not cutting them out.  I have switched to diet soda, and tried to avoid keeping it in the house, so I have to make a conscious effort to go out and buy it if I am craving it.  The same for beer.  So, minor improvements.

My portion control is a bit better.  I am really working on asking myself if I am full before I fill my plate a second time.  I adore greasy foods and foods heavy in carbohydrates.  I know that won’t change, and that to deprive myself is disaster waiting to happen.  Instead, I am working on having one bowl of Yogurt Burst Cheerios with breakfast.  2 slices of pizza for dinner, instead of 4, and mayo on one slice of the bread instead of both.  I am doing a bit better, but there is still plenty of room to improve more.

Running…ahh…running.  Excuses abound.  Kicka was sick.  Sam was sick.  I was sick.  It rained.  I was too busy.  I was too tired.  There was too much to do.  Ultimately, I just didn’t bloody feel like it too much.  So, I didn’t do it.  The thing is, I love how I feel when I am in shape from running.  But even this trip couldn’t motivate me to do it.  I suppose I’ll have to wait for the right motivator (I suspect it will be Kiki’s wedding…only time will tell).

So, the preparations continue.  I won’t discount my experiment in toning and getting a bit healthier, because I’m doing the best I can.  That’s all I can ask of myself.

Besides, I still have 6 days until I leave!


5 thoughts on “Parla inglese?

  1. I know how you feel! I have been trying to get into a workout habit and have had very little luck, I don’t really understand why because I feel great after my workout. Oh well. I’ve maintained a fairly steady weight after losing about 18 lbs but I really want to lose another clothing size and get rid of my tummy 🙂 Good luck with your personal challenges!

  2. 12 days in Tuscany…… drools…….

    I’ve been getting to the gym daily, but haven’t really been getting the most out of it so I know what you mean. I’ve been doing hill profiles on the recumbent bike (while I knit)…… 🙂 I’ve gotta multi-task….

    Enjoy your amazing vacation!! See you in MD/VA.

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