Scaring Muggles, Knitting Socks

The official goal of Worldwide Knit in Public Day is to share the love of knitting and spread the word about this wonderful art form.  Unofficially, it scares the pants off of non-knitters, who often look at people knitting while out and about like they’re crazy.  Non-knitters, often called Muggles, in Harrogate and Knaresborough were probably scared out of their minds by me yesterday.  Not only was I committed to knitting in public, but I also felt the need to participate in a Worldwide Knit in Public Day Scavenger Hunt, hosted by the Sock Knitters Anonymous Group on Ravelry, which meant that I was taking pictures of my sock in some pretty hilarious places.

The day began with the arrival of my new Namaste bag, which I excitedly packed and got ready for the day’s events.  It couldn’t wait to meet my friend Samantha’s new Tom Binh bag and get knitting.

Some Nutty Knitters decided to knit in public while watching The Great Knaresborough Bed Race.  The weather was a bit wonky (as it often is in Yorkshire!) and the two Samantha’s were taking care of one another to make sure no one got too wet when it did rain.

There was, of course, knitting in public at WWKIP Day!

Even baby Noah wanted to get in on the action!

Then, later that night I went out with friends to say goodbye to Hannah (again) before she leaves to return to the states later this week.  Of course, what would WWKIP Day be without knitting at a pub and asking a bachelorette party/hen do if I could join them with my sock (yep…they are drinking out of penis straws…awesome!).

Whew…not to mention pictures of the sock with my waitress, in front of my wool stash, in front of the Royal Pump Room…the list could go on and on.

I must admit, the day was a blast.  Knitting, pictures, family, friends, pubs, the bed race…what more could I ask?  Plus, the faces on some of those Muggles passing by over the course of the day was worth its weight in gold.

Scaring Muggles, knitting socks.  Mission Completed!


4 thoughts on “Scaring Muggles, Knitting Socks

  1. You sound as if you had a whale of a time. Our venue was in a cafe, so we missed the heavy shower and by the time we came out, the sun was well and truly shinin. Think I woul d’ve loved to have taken a few pictures of the looks on peoples faces as they were going past. We did get quite a few favourable comments too, so it was well worth it

  2. I love your new bag, and of course I love Samantha’s, it’s a twin to MINE. 🙂 Loved all your pictures in SKA….looked like you guys were having a GREAT time!

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