Summer in the Lake District

It was definitely summer in the Lake District this past weekend, and we enjoyed some of the most beautiful British weather that we’ve been blessed with so far.  Cumbria was beautiful, from the drive to the lake to the sites we saw.  I have so much to say (again) that I’ll split the posts to avoid boring everyone with one extremely long one.

We arrived in Cumbria on Friday afternoon, and after checking in at White Cross Bay on Lake Windermere, we relaxed a bit and then went driving.  The area was gorgeous, and we were hard pressed to find a US comparison that seemed to fit.  The girls were worn out by bedtime…they even attempted to make a bed on the kitchen floor!

We were so pleased to be traveling with friends, and the girls loved heading to the marina in the morning and stomping around with Jonathan.

Of course, Erica got a bit too close to the edge for Mommy’s comfort, and I had to traipse through the water, trainers and all, to grab her.

The afternoon brought explorations, starting with Castlerigg Stone Circle on a beautiful hillside, then heading to Brougham Castle, Shap Abbey, and another henge and King Arthur’s Round Table.  Whew…we were exhausted afterwards!

Sunday was glorious, and ultimately we decided to head home after lunch to relax some before the week ahead.  We ended up going to The Smith’s Arms in Beckwithshaw for dinner, where they were having a barbecue.  So, a great end to the weekend.

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend in the Lake District, enjoyed the time with our friends before they return back to the states next week, and were able to relax a bit.

Tuscany is just around the corner!


5 thoughts on “Summer in the Lake District

  1. I love the Lake District, one of my favourite places. My father used to work at Dove Cottage in Grasmere, so we spent a lot of our school holidays up there. Reading about your trip brought back fond memories.

  2. We had a blast and the weather was perfect! It was really fun to see all the kids play together. My favorite part was making coffee for the guys (and stalling . . . and talking . . . ) while they were off with the kids.

  3. I was introduced to the Lake District 29 years ago, buy my best mate (graham) no matter what weather you get its always a pleasure to be back and visit the place I fell in Love with. Can’t wait to introduce my young son Damien 21/2 to the Lakes with my fiancee Tina. Spent many years at Sykeside campsite in Brotherswater for many years until it change hands.

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