Blatant Self & Ravelry Promotion

The article that I wrote for Associated Content’s Ultimate Call for Content Contest posted today!  I am so pleased with the piece…I think it’s well written, an interesting, clear, and unique topic, and appeals to consumers and those wondering what’s next. 

The article touches on Ravelry, and what it is doing for the knitting community at large.  In addition, it talks about how some of the design features of Ravelry have the potential to become the next big thing for Internet communites at large. 

I’d love to hear what you think!  You can read my article at Associated Content, by clicking on the link below.  Please leave a comment on the article, or here!

Fingers crossed…is it worthy of $5,000?  I hope so!

Ravelry:  The Real What’s Next for Knitters and the Internet


One thought on “Blatant Self & Ravelry Promotion

  1. Good Luck, Kelly. As always, your article is well written. I wish I had your knack and talent for writing. You make it look so easy!

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