A Lazy Sunday

Every once in awhile, my husband and I crave days like this.  We stay in our pajamas for most of the day, watch movies, play with the kids, read, knit, play video games, and basically just relax.  We might pick a project for the day (today we are going to work on the girls’ bedroom…there are no words to describe it), but really just take it easy.

We don’t have days like this very often.  There always seems to be so much to do.  Especially because we are living abroad, there is so much that we want to see and do.  But next weekend we are off to the Lake District, and then two weeks later to Tuscany on holiday.  Then we’re home for less than three weeks before we turn around again and head to the States.

So, a lazy day every once in awhile really seems to hit the spot.

Last week, however, we were feeling the urge to see and do.  Perhaps it was because the British weather cooperated, but we decided to make good use of our English Heritage membership, and hit a castle, an abbey, and a house and gardens.  Whew!

 Roche Abbey

Conisbrough Castle

Brodsworth Hall and Gardens

So I suppose it counteracts our lazy Sunday today that we were out and about so much last weekend.

I might try and squeeze a run in if the rain lets up a bit, though…the girls couldn’t stop laughing at my sliding experience at Brodsworth last weekend!  My hiney isn’t as tiny as it used to be!


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