Kelly and the Order of the Household

As I sit here and search (quite desperately, I might add) for the most recent print out from the doctor’s office of Erica’s immunizations, I am asking myself why I didn’t file it with her shot record the minute I returned home from the previous appointment?

It leads me to the question of why I do a lot of things.  Why is it that I do the washing, and feel the need to leave it in the tumble dry until the next load needs to go in?  If I would simply take that load out, fold it and put it right away, it would be done.  Similarly, why is it that I’ll make a dinner for the girls, and instead of washing the dishes while they eat it and cleaning up as soon as they are done, I’ll leave it, insisting that I’ll get to it later?

Procrastination, combined with just a little bit of laziness, can go a long way.

Which brings me to where I am now…searching frantically for a small piece of paper because I suspect that the doctor’s office will not have an accurate record themselves. 

I should learn something from this.

I should find a new doctor.


6 thoughts on “Kelly and the Order of the Household

  1. I do that all the time. And then I get into that same situation… and then I get mad at myself and vow to be more organized… but I really need to sit down on the sofa and think about it first.

  2. There are some of us out here that are painfully opposite than you. We live in a very systematic way and wish we could just relax like you and take it as it comes. So, here I sit with envy at how you live in the moment.

  3. Hmm… I have just sat down for a quick blog read rather thn clearing away the lunch pots…….. I meant to clear up but??????

  4. heh, yeah, this is mostly my life too. Why don’t I just FINISH it. I’m getting better at knitting, but finishing projects, or the cleaning, or whatever is something that I should just get on with and don’t… Hmmm. Do you think I could get a house elf to organise me?

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