Toning for Tuscany

In less than a month, my family and I will arrive in beautiful, sunny (we hope) Italy for two weeks in Tuscany.  Red wine, pasta, pizza (probably lots of pizza and pasta with the girls), the sun, a pool, Florence, Pisa, a wedding for close friends, and so much more.  We cannot wait.

In anticipation of our jaunt to Tuscany, my husband and I have decided to tone up and work on getting back into shape.  It means different things for each of us.

I have been blessed with a great metabolism, but those of you that know me know my deepest, darkest secret about food.  I am a junk food junkie.  I adore a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s, a pizza from just about anywhere,  and a Pepsi or a beer.  In addition, I’m fairly lazy.  I have gone through spurts where I was really into working out or running, but they always seem to fade away.

So, for me, getting back into shape means a few things.

1)  Work on my portion control. So far, I am doing alright with this.  I like junk food, and know that depriving myself of it is unrealistic.  So, my goal is to watch my portions.  Do we need to order a large pizza or a medium?  I’m full with a medium, but keep eating until overfull with a large.

2)  Add exercise back into my routine. I actually feel much better when I exercise, but it’s easy to make excuses not to do it.  I’m tired.  The girls were naughty.  It’s dark or misting outside.  I am going to make time for exercise 4 times a week.  So far, I’ve already been on three 20 minute runs this week!

3)  Cut back on my  alcohol and soda intake.  Both my doctor and acupuncturist have recommended that I cut back on my caffeine anyway, so I have a double push to cut back on the Pepsi and Coke.  British beer is heavier than I am used to, and I know I should cut back on that, too.  I’ve taken to relaxing in the evening with my knitting, a movie, and a pint or two.  I don’t need to cut alcohol and soda out completely, but I do need to cut down and add more water.  I’m not doing as well with this goal as I would like.  Now that I’ve shared it here, however, you all can help keep me honest.

That’s it.  Those are my three goals to help get toned up and a bit healthier before I head to Tuscany…

…where I plan to drink wine, eat pizza and pasta, and sit by the pool reading and knitting.

At least I’ll look toned up when I board the plane!


3 thoughts on “Toning for Tuscany

  1. Don’t you just hate it when young, gorgeous, fit women talk about getting in shape? Oooops…that would be YOU!

  2. …but that’s what keeps women young, gorgeous & fit: staying in shape!
    Kelly, I’m with ya! I just started up on my bike again and going to the pool to swim laps at least 4x a week. And I agree with you — it does make one feel better.

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