The Process Knitting Process

My first real process knit, the Forest Canopy Shawl, is finally completed.  I finished her (why I’ve decided that it’s a she is beyond me) yesterday.  She still needs a good blocking, and you can’t see the points very well.  In addition, it should grow some when I block it, and you’ll be able to see the pattern much better.

But, a sneak peak at my first process knit, a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law (so Nancy, if you are reading this, look away!)

I have to say, this shawl might have made a process knitting convert out of me.  It was relaxing to knit.  Calming.  And though I adore the finished product, and hope my mother-in-law will, too, I really enjoyed making it most of all.

This also means that I am only working on two things now!  I decided to frog the bedtime handbag in favor of a different yarn and different needles, at a different time.  I had considered starting a Clapotis, but am going to wait on that, too.

What a quandry I’m in now.  I still need to finish one Eleanor sock and my Cardigan for Arwen.  But neither are really a process knit, and I’m sad that I don’t have one on the needles.

Any suggestions, fellow knitters?


2 thoughts on “The Process Knitting Process

  1. I loved my Forest Canopy knit too! Looking forward to seeing yours before & after blocking. Process knit….hmm…. What about Embossed leaves socks? Or one of Knitspots ‘little nothings’ scarves. I am really tempted!

  2. The shawl looks great!

    … re SueJ’s comment, I just finished the first of my Embossed leaves socks and am working on the second. They’re super easy and the pattern is soothing.

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