The Next Step

Today I did something I have never done before…something I thought would never happen.

Today I sent two chapters of my novel to an editor for feedback and a price quote for a substantive edit on the novel.  She won’t publish it, but she will help me polish it and prepare it for submission to publishers in the fall.

When I got the idea for my novel, while running one day last autumn, I never thought that I would get to this point.  I thought that what would happen is what always happens with my writing.  I get a good idea.  I write 10-20 pages.  I get bored or too bogged down with details.  I stop writing.  I never look back.

Instead, because of National Novel Writing Month, I pushed myself to write through those moments where I was overwhelmed or not sure what should happen next.  I kept writing.  And when the month was over, I had finished a 60,000 word novel.

Sure, it needed editing.  I cut out a character.  Added two others.  Fixed grammar and crafted timelines.

But I did it all.

Now, I am taking the next step.  It’s a big one for me.  There is no turning back now.

Of course, I’m filled with angst.  What if she says it’s terrible?  Needs an entire re-write?  Will cost more than I have saved for the edit?  What if she says I just don’t have it?

Self-doubt is an overwhelming thing.  Yet at the same time, I’m so proud of this work.  I think it is the best thing that I have ever written.  I think it’s real…I think I tap into real emotions, real worries, and real life.  I think readers will read it and feel it…get caught up in it.

I hope so.


4 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Kelly, I am so excited for you I could bust!!!!!!! No need for doubts. . . your novel really is THAT GOOD.

  2. OMG! Down a shot of vodka and hit ‘Send’ anyway. You can’t let your self doubts hold you back. As my husband would say, Fortune favors the brave. Never forget it.

    And Good Luck! I’m so proud of you.

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