How much is your writing worth?

It’s official…Associated Content has announced a contest for their content producers.  On June 3rd, they’ll release a topic (the theme is going to be “What’s Next?”, though the topic itself is top secret) and content producers will have until midnight to submit their entries.

Your 400-500 word piece could earn you $5,000 if it’s selected as the winner by the AC judges.

Holy Moly.

Do you have any idea how much sock yarn and malabrigo I could buy with $5,000 for ONE ARTICLE at Associated Content?

My worlds are colliding here, and it feels incredible.

I write.

I write well.

I earn money for my writing.

I buy heavenly wool with money earned from my writing.

I knit said wool.

I blog about the knitting I’m doing.

Blogging inspires me to write for Associated Content.

Writing for Associated Content earns me money.

I use earned money to buy wool.

It all comes full circle, doesn’t it?

If you don’t write for AC, consider it!  The contest is open to any content producers who claim and submit on the selected topic on June 3rd (it’s a Tuesday, folks).

Good luck to everyone who decides to enter.  What could you buy with $5,000?

Interested in joining Associated Content?  Tell ’em I referred you, and sign up by using the link below!


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