Swap It To Me!

Oh my goodness! I just participated in my very first swap, sponsored by the Malabrigo Swap group on Ravelry. The partners were a secret, and we had about a month to stalk our partners and send out something that would make their heart swoon!

My package arrived today! Mary Ellen (ME215 on Ravelry) completely and totally spoiled me! Take a peek:

Chocolate, Soak wool wash, a Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival t-shirt, a Rascal Flatts cd, THREE hanks of Malabrigo Silky Merino on purple hyacinth, and beanie babies for girls!

And of course, something extra special and extra thoughtful…

She knows how much I miss Chipotle, and sent a Chipotle gift card for my visit home this summer! How perfect is that?

Not only did my swap package arrive today, but so did the prize I won in Malabrigo March…Malabrigo Sock Yarn in a test color! This yarn hasn’t even been released for sale yet, so I feel super special!

Man on man…it was like my birthday today! I feel so special.

Thanks so much for spoiling me, Mary Ellen. And thanks to all of the Malabrigo Junkies and Swappers for making my first swap such a success!


5 thoughts on “Swap It To Me!

  1. yes! Soak wool wash! I’ve always wanted some of that.

    Is that a bush you put that stuff on to take the pictures? Won’t the person that got you that present be offended that the first thing you did was toss it in the bushes?

  2. You’re so welcome Kelly. It was fun stalking you, in fact your blog and posts on Rav are still bookmarked on my personal and work computers. 🙂 I had to try and do the “impossible”……

    Too funny Lee….no, I’m not offended in the least. Great background for the pictures.

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