I am doing a lot of knitting so far this week, interspersed with writing, cleaning, and parenting…you know, the usual!  As sad as I was about my mother’s departure, I have found the knitting relaxing, and have done better this time than I did the last that she left.

I’m watching my Forest Canopy Shawl grow quickly, and hope to finish it by Friday or so.

I quickly knit up a Nintendo DS Lite Sock for a friend’s daughter in some mmmmMalabrigo goodness.

I finished my first Eleanor sock!  One more to go…

And because I forgot, here are the socks that I made my mom when she was here.

My cardigan and handbag have made their ways back into the chest in favor of other things, but I’m sure they’ll break out again when the time is right.



4 thoughts on “Breathe…Knit…

  1. I’ve been turning some Malabrigo over in my hands lately, and wondering what I should make with it. I can’t bear to waste it on my daughter who loses things, but I love that DS case. Hmmm… Your projects are so beautiful!!

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