Where is it going?

Time, that is.

I remember this day like it was yesterday.

My sister arriving to watch Samgirl.  The sunshine outside.  The realization that another baby was going to join our family.  The realization that, yes, I’d be going through labor and delivery again (I think I’d blocked out the thought of that throughout my entire second pregnancy!).

And then, suddenly, this:

Was it really two years ago?  And now, that beautiful baby girl has turned into a toddler.  A blond haired, brown eyed, beautiful little girl.  She talks up a storm, runs everywhere, is strong willed and won’t be pushed around by anyone.  A unique and individual person, instead of just my baby.

As trite as it might be, though, she’ll always be my little girl.  Always.

Happy Birthday, Kicka!


4 thoughts on “Where is it going?

  1. *sniff, sniff, WAAAHHH*

    Oh, I am so close to this day right now. I know the feeling all too well. I’m refusing to cut my son’s hair in a desperate attempt to keep him young and babyish. I am utterly failing, by the way.

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