The Eighties Make a Comeback

My girls go to sleep hugging Care Bears.  They got Cabbage Patch mini-dolls in their Burger King kids’ meals the other night.  I recently caught an episode of old school Scooby Doo on the television.  Both of the girls own (and love) their legwarmers (and get compliments on them everywhere we go).

My girls aside, I saw a girl wearing a mini-skirt and leggings the other day.  Not a dorky girl, either…someone fashionable and cute.  And of course, her boyfriend had a mohawk and some tight jeans with pointy shoes.

Yep, the eighties are back with a vengeance.

I had to participate, knitting up some Strawberry Shortcake socks that brought back memories of my own youth.

And, now that I’ve convinced the girls that Old School Sesame Street is the way to go, I’m blessed to get to watch some of my favorite Sesame Street videos, as well as Sesame Street Old School.  I can really flash back to my childhood.

I suppose there’s a lot from the eighties that I miss.

But you still won’t catch me in a mini-skirt and leggings unless we’re at a theme party.


3 thoughts on “The Eighties Make a Comeback

  1. I have a theory. I think they come out with all the 80’s cartoons because they know all the kids who watched them are parents now & will totally buy all the nostalgia stuff for their own kids…

    I know it works on me! 😉

  2. heh, I do the leggings, but only under things that are long enough… Well, apart from the long sweater that I wear with while slouching around the house. OK, yes, I am trapped in 1989!

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