British Wanderings

With the exception of a rainy Sunday, this bank holiday weekend was glorious here in the UK.  In fact, it’s carried on into the rest of the week, and today the girls were in t-shirts and sundresses.  Gorgeous.

We spent Saturday at a French Market in Darlington, about an hour’s drive away.  The market was a good one, and we were excited to taste fresh sausage, olives, and crepes.  The girls snacked on their favorite treat, Thomas the Baker’s yum-yums, while we were there, too.

A glimpse of Darlington

Erica enjoying a Yum-Yum from Thomas the Baker’s

Other than that, though, the weekend was pretty uneventful.  While we were so driven when we moved here to see and do, it’s amazing how much like home England feels to us now.  We still travel and explore (abbeys and castles are a favorite for both Marcus and I, as well as the girls), but are just as happy walking into town or letting the girls run through the Stray.

I suspect that this really is what home feels like.


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