In Her Shoes

I remember growing up, and longing to be just like my mother.  She was, of course, my role model.  As I got older, she became my friend as well as my mother.  I felt that she and I were close as I grew into an adult, but that it wasn’t until I had daughters of my own that I really understood her.

I wonder if Samantha and I will have the same experience.  Will she want to grow up and be like her mum?

I suspect that she might.


3 thoughts on “In Her Shoes

  1. It was nice to read this morning that my daughter wanted to be just like me when she was growing up. I don’t know that I was the best role model, but as parents, we strive to do the best that we can and hope that our hard work pays off. Now that you are grown, married and have children of your own…I see that it has. You are a wonderful wife, mother, sister, friend and daughter, and I couldn’t be prouder. As for Samantha…she couldn’t hope for anything more than to be like you when she grows up. I love you! Mom

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