A Stroll Around

On Saturday, my husband, daughters, and I, headed into York to have lunch and walk around.  Something about York has captured Marcus and I, and we love to navigate the streets, walk through the walls, and appreciate the beauty of this magical British city.

York Minster

We had lunch at Pizza Express, and are excited to report that it was a huge success.  With the exception of when the girls were babies and incredibly portable, we’ve shied away from eating out at restaurants.  We have found that we can’t relax and enjoy the meal, and tend to worry about the girls’ behavior and the other patrons.  Today, however, we braved a restaurant, end emerged victorious!

Erica, enjoying some dough balls

Then we strolled through The Shambles and the nearby streets, and allowed the girls to explore the grass around Clifford’s Tower.  In fact, we even took advantage of our English Heritage membership and climbed the steps and walked around it, too.  The view was beautiful, from both above and below.

Erica and Samantha enjoying the sunshine outside of Clifford’s Tower

We even allowed enough time in our afternoon for the girls to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

Picking some flowers for Mummy

All in all, a fairly successful day trip.  The girls did a great job walking, listening, and exploring.  The weather cooperated and we even saw some sunshine.  The drive was, as usual, beautiful.

We truly are blessed for this experience to live abroad.


5 thoughts on “A Stroll Around

  1. What lovely pictures. As a small child I used to explore the grass around Cliffords Tower and pick the daisys, isn’t it great that children are still doing that over 30 years later.


  2. I’m glad the restaurant experience worked out. Now your family won’t have to eat your awful cooking as much! Ha! Just kidding. 🙂

  3. “We truly are blessed for this experience to live abroad.” but you don’t live abroad……………………

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