Feet, Friends, and Fate

Man, oh, man.  Have I got a story for you today.

I drove into nearby Knaresborough to meet my friend Lou for a cup of tea and a pop into the local yarn shop, Sheepish.  While I was there, I got a glimpse of her beautiful Hedera socks, and showed her my own new simply stockinette socks in Yarn Love’s Elizabeth Bennet, the Strawberry Shortcake colorway.  We discussed the intricacies of sock knitting, and I mentioned that some of the yarn I’ve been stashing lately is so beautiful that I almost don’t feel worthy of knitting it!

At any rate, we had a lovely cuppa, and then walked into town (oh the jealousy I felt at the fact that she lives within walking distance of a beautiful wool shop!).  I was drawn to some Mirasol Hacho for myself, some for a swap partner, and then while I was there, I also decided to purchase some new Brittany Birch double pointed sock needles in 2.5 mm.  I already have a set, but decided that I might like to have two socks cast on at a time!  So, what the heck?

I returned home, and while the girls watched Diego, the washing tumbled around in the washer, and Ravelry was down (horrors!), I picked up my sock to get back to it.  I knit around, and after picking up the stitches off the side of the heel, came to knit across the cuff.  That’s when I realized it.  The needle holding those stitches had broken (inevitably happened last night I’m sure, when I thought I could ease my sock over my ankle, needle and all).  As I’d already misplaced one of the needles, and now had one broken, if I hadn’t bought that set this morning, I would have been out of luck!

Here’s what this experience has taught me:

1)  I should make more time to have coffee and tea with friends in the morning.

2)  I should consider moving within walking distance of a yarn shop.

3)  I should never resist the urge to buy yarn or needles…what if it’s a sign?

4)  I should never consider myself not worthy of yarn or needles because my skill level isn’t advanced enough.  The knitting gods might see fit to break a needle.  I’ll never tempt them again!  🙂


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