My Housekeeping Ability: The Truth Revealed!

I hide it well, but my homemaking abilities aren’t really all that they should be for a homemaker.  Laundry piled up (because I hate putting it away after I’ve washed and folded it), dishes in the sink (because as soon as they are all clean, another glass gets dirty), beds that need to be made, and floors throughout the house that I’d suggest you didn’t examine too closely.  Seriously.

But I think that for the most part, I hide my disdain for housework.  If I knew that you were coming over, the house might not be clean, but I could tidy it in a pinch.

Yesterday my husband and I needed to move a cabinet from the kitchen to the office (please don’t ask why the cabinet was in the kitchen in the first place…it was filled with office supplies).  I vacuum and sweep around the cabinet, and try to get under it as much as I can.  But would I move it to clean under there?  Never in a million years.

The cabinet was moved, and Marcus and I looked at each other.  “What is that?”

Words eluded us. We examined from a distance, a bit wary of getting too close to this unidentified object that had been living under the cabinet.

Finally, it dawned on me.

Oh yes.  It’s a potato.  And we haven’t kept potatoes on that cabinet for…well…for at least 6 months.  At least.  That means that over 6 months ago, this potato fell off and rolled under the cabinet and the conditions under there were optimum for it to grow a stalk and attempt to make little baby potatoes.

My housekeeping abilities are a joke.

The truth will set you free, I suppose.  Next time you stop by, just be sure not to look under the couch.


3 thoughts on “My Housekeeping Ability: The Truth Revealed!

  1. Let me be the first to tell you, “You are normal!” If someone is “dropping by” it better be to see me and not inspect my cleaning abilities. Although, I will tell you what helps me get the job done. Remind yourself, this is your vocation and doing it well brings Glory to God! No one likes doing our job, that is what makes us special!

  2. This story is pretty freeing. I think I’ll leave all my ‘cabinets’ of life right where they are for one more day.

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