The House that Bugs Built

Ok, well, not built, but sure are infesting at the moment.

Kicka has a bit of a sickness bug, and since this is the first time she’s had a fever since she had a febrile seizure in February, I’m a bit paranoid and haven’t left the house (or her side) for the morning.  Marcus assures me there is no reason to worry, but still, what else is a mother to do?

Not only is my house infested with a fever bug that I hope that we don’t all catch, but I have a bit of a bug of a different sort–the travel bug.  From the moment we arrived in Mallorca I found myself contemplating why we haven’t been taking more advantage of Europe at our fingertips.  And so the minute I got home I started searching for cheap flights on Jet2.Com, and guess what I found?  Incredibly inexpensive tickets to Hamburg for a long weekend when my mother is here!  For less than GBP 40 a person (including luggage and taxes), the five of us are flying to Germany!  The tickets are booked, and now I just need to find us somewhere reasonably priced to stay.  But we are going!

I suppose the other bug filling up my house is the ever present knitting bug.  Tomorrow night my Nutty Knitters of Harrogate Ravelry Group is meeting at my friend Samantha’s house.  I am really looking forward to it–these ladies are such an inspiration to me, and thought I might not be able to sew on a button (seriously), I’ll try a twisted rib or a cable without a second thought.  I’ve still got six (yep, six) projects on the needles, but I am hoping to finish up the Easy Ribbed Socks that I took on holiday with me by tomorrow night so that I can show them off.

If your house is filled with bugs too, good luck!


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