Poolside Seats

Home, Sweet Home!

I’m back from Palma de Mallorca after a wonderful and sunny! girls’ weekend.  The weather was amazing, for the most part, and certainly better than my husband tells me that they had here in Yorkshire over the weekend.

I hardly know where to start this post, as there’s so much to share about the weekend!

We did do a bit of sightseeing, and of that, the highlight was La Catedral de Palma.  The cathedral was beautiful.  My friend Meg and I didn’t go in, but the other girls tell me that it was gorgeous, even if it was a bit pricey at €4.

I adored just looking down all of the Spanish streets for the few hours we spent in Palma.  They were exactly like I’d imagined–picturesque.

Other than sightseeing, the girls and I spent a great deal of time by the poolside relaxing.  Of course, for me that meant that I was often seen knitting (if for no other reason than to give my non-knitting companions a chuckle!).

I did make some pretty hefty progress on my sock, though I learned that even without children and chores, when Sangria is involved I still can’t knit a sock in a weekend!

So, when all was said and done, the weekend was a huge success.  I loved international travel so much more than I expected.  I loved the time with friends.  I loved seeing the Balearic Islands of Spain.  I missed my husband and children, but have arrived home a better wife and mommy because of the trip.

Oh, and I love cappucino.


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