The 4 Days of Kelly

Almost better than the 12 days of Christmas (but really, what’s better than the 12 days of Christmas). In the next four days I have:

4 Associated Content Articles to Write

3 Books I’d Like to Read

2 Socks I Need to Finish


That’s right–I am off for my first weekend without my husband and without my daughters in…hmmm…in forever. I’ve been away from the girls (pshaw…I love my girls, but have NO problems leaving them with my mom or sisters overnight when Marcus and I need a night away), and I’ve been away from Marcus before. But I can honestly tell you that I haven’t been away from my entire family for more than a day since we became a family almost four years ago.

Crazy, isn’t it?

Tomorrow, I hop a plane to Majorca (or Mallorca) with 11 girlfriends for a girls’ weekend. Yep, they are calling for rain. Yep, I don’t care. My teeny bag is packed to the brim with books, knitting (pray that I make it through security with my tiny wooden needles…seriously) on my Hedera

and Ribbed Socks,

a bikini, and a few pairs of clean knickers. It’s do or die…I will be spending the next 72 hours by a pool, God willing (or not).

In the meantime, I need to finish 4 (ok, really 5, but I am saving one for Monday afternoon) Associated Content articles. And I’d really like to read 3 books while I’m gone. And knit two socks (one from each pair…because making a matching set first would really just have been too easy). And of course, I still need to pack said bag above.

And give the girls and Marcus plenty of kisses and hugs.

And then hop a plane to Spain for the weekend.

How many women can do that, I wonder?

See you all on Monday!


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