A Little Thrill

Yesterday, I got the nicest comment on my blog from someone (not a family member, either) about my blog and how they read it over a cup of coffee every morning.  It really brought a smile to my face, and this morning, as I sat down with my own cup of coffee, I wondered if everyone was curious what my own morning looked like.

The girls were up early today, and we’re unsure how to stop this new trend now that Erica has mastered climbing out of her crib.  We suspect we’ll need to nix the crib and whip out the second bed for the girls room sooner than we’d anticipated, but know that won’t help with the early rising.

At any rate, after some grumbling by Marcus and I, we made it downstairs.  The girls had Kix for breakfast, I made coffee, did a few dishes, threw in a load of washing, and Marcus left for work…always the saddest part of my morning.

Now, the girls are sitting at their table, and Erica has whipped out the play doh.  The girls are happily engaged, as I sit across the room watching.

There are a million things to do.  Donations for nursery to be thrown in a bag, showers to be taken, washing to be put away.  Instead, I am sitting here on the laptop watching them.  I’ve resisted the urge to pull out the knitting, and in fact, only just pulled out the computer.  For the longest time I just sat here at the table with my coffee (frothy milk really is a wonderful invention) watching them.  Where did the time go?  Weren’t they just babies yesterday?

The cleaning can wait.  The washing can wait (well, not much longer or we’ll all be naked…but it can wait a bit).  My girls are sitting at their little table playing together nicely (eh…Erica did just smack Sam’s hand because she wanted some bizarre play doh toy)…and that can’t wait.

My digital camera isn’t charged, but here’s a shot of my girls and I just a couple of months ago at Sawley Abbey in Lancashire.

PS:  Look Mom!  Another blog post that’s not knitting related!  🙂


6 thoughts on “A Little Thrill

  1. Again my coffee tasted that much better reading your blog. It helps knowing I’m not the only one who puts certain things off in order to accomidate my other passions. When the kids are entertaining themselves that makes it even better. Though we are always able to get it all done!! We are truly blessed to be in this vocation…Mother and Wife! God Bless You Kelly, Keep Smiling!

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