Are you a RavelRaiser?

I’m so excited to be a part of RavelRaiser 2008JulieFrick from Ravelry has designed a fundraiser to help raise money for Ravelry.  This online venture by Casey and Jess has grown into an overwhelming success, with over 100,000 Ravelry users.  In order to keep up with all the demands of running a successful website of this magnitude, it’s necessary to upgrade their servers.  RavelRaiser 2008’s goal is just that.

And of course, there’s yarn, too!  Every donation of $10 earns you a chance at some amazing knitting related prizes.

Worth every penny, when you think about it.

Ravelry has taken me, a pretty much self-taught, fly by the seat of my pants scarf knitter and turned me into a knitting machine…an addict if you will.  It seems appropriate to give back.

If you are a Ravelry or knitting addict (or both, as the case is for me) consider donating yourself.  Information is available at Fricknits, Julie’s blog, or on Ravelry in the 10 Lousy Bucks group, for those of you that are members.

And seriously…if you are reading this and you aren’t a member, and you knit like the wind (or more slowly) sign up.  The waiting list moves quickly, and your life will never be the same.

Yay for new servers, Ravelry and Casey and Jess, Julie and her brainchild, and Ravelraisers across the globe!

Photo Courtesy of JulieFrick’s Dad and Gorlitsa from Ravelry!


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