Baby High

Ahh…I love newborns.  It doesn’t matter whose they are, either.  I love everything about that teeny tiny little bundle.  Their smell, their tiny little everythings, even their cry.

Marcus reminds me, of course, that with a newborn comes a third child, which we aren’t ready for right now.  Lots of travel we still want to do, I don’t want to be pregnant for Kiki’s wedding,  we’re far away from family here in the UK, and our girls are still young.  We have lots of time to have babies…I only just turned 29!  I know he’s right.  No more babies for a little while.

Thankfully, lots of our friends here in the UK are finally deciding to start families of their own.  I get to cuddle Leila, tickle Luke’s cute little piggy-toes, and wait anxiously for Miki and Lisa to have their little ones, too!

Still though…I remember what it was like when Sam and Kicka were babies.  Of course, I remember feeling frustrated, feeling tired, feeling overwhelmed.  Oh, boy do I remember.  But I also remember that baby high I had when they were born.  How much I loved them.  How complete our family felt after they were both born.   What a good mother I was to a newborn…they get so much harder as they get older, don’t they?


I’d better go cuddle someone else’s baby quick.  Nothing like a baby fix.


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