Venturing Out Again

We’re blessed to have this opportunity to see the world by living abroad.  Marcus and I say all the time that our eyes have been opened…I had no idea there was a big world out there beyond America.  I feel badly for people who don’t get this experience…

For the second year in a row, we took a bit of a hiatus from sightseeing during January and much of February, and once the weather started to brighten up, we headed out again to see the beautiful country that we are calling home.  Our first exploration led us to Middleham Castle, which the girls loved running around and exploring, even if the weather was a bit chilly.

Marchs and girls at Middleham

We also spent an afternoon at Mount Grace Priory, which we absolutely loved and plan to visit time and time again, especially once the gardens are in bloom. It is the perfect place to bring a picnic and spend a day

Mount Grace Priory

 Can you imagine?  There are people who’ve never seen this much history, this much beauty, up close so they can touch it.

Where should we go next?



One thought on “Venturing Out Again

  1. Yorkshire eh?

    Welll i am a Lancashire lass misel’ and therefore all i have to say is “we won the war”

    if its beauty you want – you really need to come down south a bit to Sussex. Bohemian Brighton with its excellent shopping, historic Hastings, historic Arundel and chichester, and the beautiful south downs.

    don’t forget to visit the lake district whilst your up there – do it in summer though, its bloody cold

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