The Best Part

Without a doubt, I married the right man.  Not only is he handsome, funny, smart, and my best friend, but he has this amazing knack, every now and again, of making me feel like a queen.

My plans for yesterday didn’t materialize because Marcus ended up taking the day off of work!  He’d planned to take the morning off for my birthday, but since he was still a bit under the weather, he ended up taking the whole day.  Even sick, though, it didn’t stop him from making my birthday so special.  He made me coffee and a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel for breakfast (yummy), he played with the girls and was an all-around superdad, and he even made plans for us for dinner, including a sitter and some good friends.   When there were some kinks in the plans (our sitter didn’t show up, and my favorite restaurant was closed!), he adapted and we still had a wonderful night.

So, how did I spend my free time on my birthday?  I knitted, of course.  I started a Calorimetry from Knitty as a gift for someone for Christmas. I finished up a Cashmere Neckwarmer.  I sat on the computer and looked at all the beautiful things I could be knitting next.  Oh, and I talked to my mother on the phone and picked the pattern and the yarn that she wants for her Christmas present.

So, it was a birthday filled with knitting, relaxing, food, family, and friends.  It was made possible all by that amazing husband, dad, and man that I married.  I really am a lucky woman.

The best part of yesterday is how I feel today.  Refreshed.  Happy.  On top of my mothering and homemaking game.

It doesn’t get any better than that.


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