Dirty Little Secret

 It isn’t my age, which today has moved one year closer to the big 3-0.  I can’t believe I’m 29 now…whew!  Where does the time go?

Nope, my dirty little secret isn’t my age, but it does have to do with my birthday.  More than anything else, today I want to curl up on my couch with two or three knitting projects, put in season one of Grey’s Anatomy or The Office (the American version, of course!), and prop the laptop and my recent version of my novel up next to me. 


Of course, today’s plans will be heavenly, too.  The sun is shining, and it’s beautiful here in Yorkshire.  But I want a bit of me-time, and since I’m hard pressed to find that in the house with the girls, I may venture out to a nearby play place so the girls can run wild and I can (hopefully) sip coffee and knit.  Wish me luck with that one!

Oh, and for those following closely, I did finally finish my first ribbed sock yesterday.  I adore it, and have worn just that one around the house already!  I had to frog my lace shawl, however, after some mistakes. 

Shh…don’t tell Sue…I know no knitting is wasted, but I was a little bummed to have to pull it out and start over!  Thankfully, I got over it quickly, and her mantra of, “No knitting is wasted, no knitting is wasted…,” kept me from losing it.  She’ll make a process knitter out of me yet!

Happy birthday to me!  Here’s a shot of me as a baby (my mom’s favorite picture…shh…I guess that’s a dirty little secret too…I snagged it and framed it for myself when she wasn’t looking!)


4 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secret

  1. Kelly – the baby picture of you is simply adorable. Things haven’t changed much, have they? Hope your birthday was great!

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