Timing is Everything

I’m in a serious knitting mood, determined to finish the first of the ribbed socks that I cast on almost a month ago and got pushed to the back of my UFO pile.  Add to that the fact that my family and I are all pretty laid up with upset stomachs, and the timing couldn’t be better for a day of television watching and knitting.

 Timing is also everything in other areas of my life, with Easter approaching tomorrow.  My oldest daughter has asked about why we have Easter and why Mommy and Daddy didn’t eat meat on Fridays, so I thought maybe I could give a quick abbreviated explanation.  I simply explained that just like we celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas, on Good Friday Jesus died, and on Easter we remember that he rose from the dead.  She hasn’t asked any other questions about it, and I’m not sure that she “gets it”.  But with her asking, the timing seemed right, and hopefully next year she will ask more questions about our faith.

 It’s the first year that Easter has ever really been something that I’ve thought about, too.  Though I’ve been a Catholic all my life, it’s only in the past year that my husband and I have started attending church more regularly and becoming involved in our Catholic community.  I suppose timing came into play here, too.

I’ve given my writing a lot of thought lately, too.  I’ve been so worried about getting my book edited and sent off, that I forgot that this book, my first novel, came to me and I was inspired.  I will be inspired to finish it and edit it, too…it just isn’t happening as quickly as I might like for it too.  Maybe I’m being too hard on myself.  At any rate, when the timing is right, I’ll know it.

Hopefully the timing of this post comes at a good time for you…whether it inspires you to finish a knitting project, contemplate Easter and your faith, or think about your writing…


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