A Tale of the Twos…

I had them…two small children under the age of two. Women do it all the time, and some of them manage to work full time outside of the home, too. But not me…my girls wore me out every single day, though they brought just as many smiles to my face, too.

Now, though, my girls are getting older. The little baby that crossed an ocean with us to try this living abroad adventure is preparing to turn two herself, and my family will embark upon a whole new set of experiences. Two preschoolers, instead of two under two. Between the little towhead who looks amazingly like her aunt, and the three and a half year old cuddled up next to me who could actually be a little me, my days are filled.

I’ve definitely realized that parenting, though enjoyable, has been a challenge. And all parents face their own challenges, make their own mistakes, bring their own baggage, and find a groove that works (or that doesn’t work) for them. Yet I see and hear so much judgment about the choices that people make…the choices that other people make for their children. It seems silly, doesn’t it? My friends and I were discussing it last night over delicious snacks and knitting, and my friend Samantha commented that we should just let everyone do it their own way–to each their own.

She’s so right. Why do we, as parents, judge one another? Especially for choices that someone else makes within their own home and only impacts them and their children? It just seems silly. Of course, we may see and comment on differences…taking from things we see that might work in our own home, and shrugging off choices that others make that have no bearing on me and my own children. But such is life.

A tale of two under two, now to a tale of two preschoolers, and really a tale of two families…yours and mine. Do they need to be identical to work? Will they? Of course not. And really…does it matter?

And just for kicks, a look at some twos: the two Amanda Hats that I knitted for Malabrigo March.

My Knit Flat Amanda Hat, modeled by Erica:

And my Hokie Amanda Hat, modeled by Samantha (Courtney, no peeking!):


3 thoughts on “A Tale of the Twos…

  1. Beautiful! You inspired me to knit an Amanda hat as well, which I finished today. I hope to post a picture of it very soon (also in Shocking Pink, btw). šŸ™‚ Take care!

  2. Great concept, I agree with you, everyone needs to raise their children in the way that works for them, each situation is different.

  3. Just read Matthew 7 1:5 and thought of what you’d written

    I’m enjoying the blog by the way – see you soon.


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