My friends tried hard to help me think of the perfect title for this blog. I wanted to find a way to express who I am in a catchy way–a stay at home mother, living and traveling overseas with my husband and two small children, breaking into freelance writing and editing her first novel, and knitting to pass the time. Whew…is there a phrase that can encompass all of that?

More than anything else, I wanted my blog readers to see me as I am…real. A real mom, not a supermom. A real writer, not a professional or perfect one. A real knitter, dropping stitches, frogging entire works, and realizing that no knitting is wasted.

Kelly Without a Net seemed like the best choice. In my life, there are no lifelines and no rewrites. I just live it, just like we all do, every day.

I hope I can do it.


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