March Madness

It isn’t just NCAA basketball, which I’ll admit the thought of has kept me going past the end of football season. Nope, there’s so much more that has made March such a crazy month for me…

First of all, it’s “Malabrigo March” on Ravelry, the online knitting community that is taking the Internet and the knitting/crocheting world by storm. I’ve cast on and completed 6 projects this month already, with a 7th on the needles (and I’m not even talking about my 3 other ongoing, long term projects). My favorite has been this piece, which includes some of the most intricate cable work I’ve done so far. These are Evangeline fingerless mittens by Michelle Szeghalmi.

Close Up of Cable Work
Finished Evangelines

In addition to Malabrigo March Madness, I’ve returned to editing my book. I’m almost halfway through the 3rd draft, and have sort of reached an impasse. I’m having a difficult time continuing, I think because I’m so invested in the story and my characters now. I may be reaching out for additional readers to help me get back on track…we’ll see.Add in my writing for Associated Content, and there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for my writing!

My girls are wearing me down this month, too. Whoever said the terrible twos were the worst must not have spent a lot of time with a three year old. Samantha continues to wear me out with her whining, interspersed with her bubbly excitement, energy, and sparkly personality. Whew…If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was bipolar. Plus Kicka is running circles around us all on a daily basis.

March is daunting…add in the fact that I’m turning 29 next week (gasp!) and it’s no wonder I’m worn out!

At least it’s almost time for the NCAA Tournament, right?


3 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. I love your blog layout and the title you settled on; perfect!

    I love the pix you have added within each blog post. Nice job there too.

    I have a little expertise to pass on to you. It is in fact the “terrible twos and threes”. Take heart, it passes almost with the birthday. Unfortunately, the next mark in age is the “growing up”

    The “terrible” barely passes before they are five and going to “real school”. Like the passing of the “terrible” the change happens as if over-night. Your baby will be gone and replaced with an all new, more grown up child, that is sometimes hard to recognize.

    Try as hard as you can, to enjoy this “terrible” time. It will be gone before you know it.


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