Knitshaming Continues

I’m currently knitting a pullover that is definitely going to be too big.  I used the wrong size needles for the ribbing on the front (but not on the back), and I’m almost certainly going to run out of yarn halfway through the first sleeve.  And to make matters worse, last night this happened:


No one worry–I was able to get it all sorted after ripping back four rows.  But it still almost gave me a heart attack.  There’s a reason I don’t knit shawls that are entirely covered in lace. 

Please keep #knitshaming!  I’ve loved some of the others I’ve seen so far, especially one over at Through the Back Loops…be sure to check it out! 


Knitshame it!

I said I’d be back on Monday, and here I am! I have been checking out several other blogs that have started their own knitshaming series, and I hope you will too! Be sure to use the #knitshamjng hashtag and link back to the original blog post for clear directions. Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, or instagramming, take the time to knitshame it! ❤




{ K N I T S H A M I N G }

Today’s the big day! The knitshaming revolution begins!

What is knitshaming? It’s like dog shaming, but for knitters, hand knits, yarn, WIPs, FOs, gauge swatches, and anything else knitty. That project that won’t cooperate? A deep dark knitting confession? Knitshame it!

I’m planning a knitshaming blog post every Monday (at least) and pics on Instagram as they become available! Directions for joining in the fun are at the bottom of the post.

Here are a few pics to get us started!





Have you got a knitshaming pic you’d like to share? Willing volunteers and projects only, of course! :) Email me at knitshaming@gmail.com or share your pic on Instagram with the #knitshaming hashtag! You can also follow me on Instagram @knitshaming for more pictures.

I’m looking forward to some knitshaming adventures!


New Project!

I know, I know! I’ve disappeared off the face if the planet. I suppose a more accurate description would be that I’ve moved to the other side of the planet, but you get the idea. Regardless, we’re here, we’re settled, and we’re happy. Cheers!

There’s loads to say, but tonight I’m focusing on one knitting project I’m excited about. It’s not a design, but an idea I can’t wait to share on the blog! I’m hopeful that it’ll become an interactive project that some of you will be excited about, too!

So stay tuned for the introduction…tomorrow!


In which I (almost) can’t breathe

Ever since we found out that we are moving back to England for another three year stint, everyone asks how I’m doing, how we’re managing, if we’re ready, if I’m worried, etc.  They’re natural questions–and I’ve been pretty nonchalant about them.  It’ll be fine.  Worry is wasted.  We’ll get it all done.  The girls will adjust.

But now, as we enter into crunch time, I may be on the verge of some sort of mini-breakdown.  The movers (who cancelled and are now rescheduled for the day before we fly) are partly to blame, but I suspect that this was inevitable, even if things had all gone off without a hitch.  After all, it’s a big move, a big transition, a big change, and a big deal. 

So, right now, I’m focused on breathing.  It will all get done.  The girls will survive the chaos that is going on right now.  Marcus and I will survive, too. 

Breathe in.  Breathe out.