WIP Wednesday

I continue to trudge through the WIP pile, anxious to finish up items already on the needles and prepare for a busy fall of knitting and designing. With any luck, you’ll see a FO of these fingerless mitts(designed by me close friend Sue) come Friday!


Note: The photo was taken the other night. I promise I’m not drinking at 7:30 on a Wednesday morning!


FO Friday

Yes, I know that it’s Saturday. But it seemed only fitting to follow up a WIP Wednesday post with info on the finished object. FO Saturday just doesn’t sound as good.

My sample of “Practically” is off the needles, loose ends are woven in, and the test knitters are hard at work. I began today with some trepidation–what if it wasn’t worth the work? Will it receive the reception “in threes: a baby cardigan” has received? There’s no telling…

But I’m pleased with it, the feedback has been good so far, and only time will tell!



Better pictures in the not-so-distant future!


WIP Wednesday

My friend Marie Anne reminded me about WIP Wednesday, which I’d love to get into as fall (my favorite knitting season) is just around the corner.

Today I’m working on a sample, which I hope to complete by Thursday. The pattern is due to my test knitters by Thursday, though Irene and a week without school have thrown a kink into my plans.

Here the sample is on Monday night…as you can imagine from the wine, I didn’t get quite as far as I wanted!

What is this mysterious sample, you may muse? Why, it’s the grown-up version on in threes: a baby cardigan that some of you have been aching for!

Expected release date? October 1!



In which I am crazy…

It’s summer vacation. There’s so much on the proverbial plate.

And yet I’ve decided to drop it all and participate in the “Couldn’t Foot It” Challenge through Ravelry and in honor of Sock Summit.

Because nothing says, “I’m busy” like throwing caution to the wind and knitting a pair of socks in four days.


In which it never ends…

You know what knitting project just seems to go on forever? The blanket. I’ve never knit one for our sofa, or for my daughters, for just this reason. Like John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, they are the project that never ends!

Yet here I stand, or more accurately, sit. Working on this gorgeous blanket in Malabrigo Rios Teal Feather. It’s a lovely lace pattern by Caryl Pierre.

It may be the bane of my existence, though. Not only does the blanket not seem to grow, but I swear I’ve been “this close” to moving on to the last skein of yarn forever!

Of course, like I feel like this knitting will never end, I’m sure Kiki feels the same way about this pregnancy.

Which will come first: the baby or the completed knitted blanket? Wagers, anyone?



Quarter of a Year

A quarter of a year has passed since my last post. Quarter of a year. It seems impossible. I can’t possibly fill you all in in everything that has happened in those three months. I’m reminded of country lyrics that seem to sum it up: “Sounds like life to me!”

So where are we now, for this next quarter of a year? I’m working on a knitting project that won’t reach fruition until next year, but I promise you’ll love it. I’m writing more than ever, with the help of a sitter to get some uninterrupted time. I’m enjoying summer with the girls, though we’re working through a rough stage with Erica.

I’m doing it all back on my medication. I have no regrets, except perhaps that I waited so long to see help again.

Hello again, blog. Expect to see me around a lot more often.


Sweater Frenzy

A delayed spring has meant that I’m still wearing sweaters.  And if stands to reason that if I’m still wearing them, I’m still knitting them.

I’m currently working on a modified version of in threes: a baby cardigan for adults.  This is not going to look just like the baby version–in fact, it’s going to have just as many differences as similarities, if I can get it to work out like I’m picturing it in my head.   I’ll keep you all posted!

I finished my Momo, which was a test knit for Terri Kruse and has since been released.  It was lovely to knit and looks great on me…but I’ve discovered that I am allergic to silky merino…the horrors!

I also recently finished my Effortless Cardigan, which was another quick, effortless knit.  It’s done in Madtosh DK, and I adore it and am still wearing it!

I’m on the lookout for my next sweater knit…hmmm…what will it be?